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I am immensely grateful to my readers for waiting so patiently for me to launch the Dreama Black series, which centers on a twenty-something, third-generation rock'n’roll groupie named Dreama Black, who takes people on custom-themed tours of Los Angeles, while trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid traffic and dead bodies. The inspiration for the series is unapologetically all over the map: first and foremost, my beloved hometown of L.A.; the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour; Sharona Alperin, the namesake for the Knack’s hit, “My Sharona,” currently a realtor in L.A.; the paper my younger daughter wrote in 9th grade on the person she admired most, groupie extraordinaire, Pamela Des Barres (a long story); the tattoo parlor around the corner from me in West Hollywood; the 1960s British model, Jane Birkin; cop favorite Nick’s Cafe on Spring St. in DTLA; Destin and Rachel from Millionaire Matchmaker; the list goes on and on. I suppose my formula with this series, as well as the last, was to take things in the culture that fascinate, delight and entertain me at a certain moment in time, and weave them into my favorite of all genres, the mystery novel. On the subject of that previous series, for those who are wondering, Cece Caruso is alive and well in the Kindle store, as well as my mind’s eye, and may well make an appearance in a future Dreama book…or in another adventure of her own. I will absolutely keep you posted.

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